Wishing You Wellness Program

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Established in 2011, the partnership between the Tri - Community Health & Wellness Foundation (The Foundation) and the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre (TLC), was created to ensure community members with disabilities and/or community members living with limited income had the ability to get active within the Tri - Community.

The Tri-Community area is comprised of approximately 87,000 people.

It is estimated that 13% of residents live at or below the low income level (Stony Plain FCSS, 2017). People with limited access to income are often more socially isolated, experience more stress, have poorer mental and physical health and fewer opportunities for early childhood development and post-secondary education. It has been found that chronic conditions, especially those that limit a person’s ability to maintain viable stable employment, can contribute to a downward spiral into poverty.

We work with local partner agencies, such as FCSS, Alberta Parenting for the Future, Neighborlink and Alberta Mental Health to evaluate community members needs and their eligibility for the program.

The program is intended to reduce the participation fees at the TLC through a partially subsidized funding program. Community members are required to pay 25% of the participation fees while the TLC subsidizes an additional 25% and the Foundation another 50%.

This program is currently funded by The Foundation and the 'Wishing Wells' throughout our community. Annually the program supports hundreds of community members looking to get active within our community.

Community members are eligible to receive 10 individual passes, or 10 family passes to the TLC which can be used anywhere within the TLC. At the moment, applicants are only eligible to apply once yearly.

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